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We can now be found on Linkedin and Twitter.

More and more of our customers have asked for stationary. As a result we can now offer you a product range of over 20,000 stationary items from screen wipes to desks and even photocopiers. For full details contact us.

More of our customers are turning to compatibles to save money than ever. We are proud of the our superior quality product. You can be confident that by using our compatibles you will make genuine savings. We look forward to helping customers who have had their figures burnt buying cheap refills.

Our current return rate for compatibles is 1.7% maybe now is the best time to try one of our outstanding quality products. 50 schools can't be wrong!

This September we are launching our friends and family scheme. Nearly all of our customers are businesses and schools from across the country. We want to say a big thank you to you the people who order our products.

Why bother spending hours surfing the net to find your cartridge and get a good price? Call and let us do the running around!

All the best Andrea

Did you know it takes a litre of oil to produce just one cartridge!